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10 great ways to boost your mood at work

Do you look forward to Friday afternoons and dread Monday mornings, or do you jump out of bed during the working week eager to start your day? If it’s the latter it’s likely you are happy at work, which means that an article by… Read More

Key steps to minimise your Inheritance Tax bill

Official figures published by HMRC showed that in 2021/22, Inheritance Tax (IHT) receipts stood at £6.1 million. This means that receipts have nearly doubled in the last ten years (from just under £3 million in the 2011/12 tax year). More and more people will need to consider how IHT could… Read More

Trust Registration Service: What steps do you need to take?

The requirement for certain trusts with a UK tax liability to register on the Trust Registration Service (TRS) was originally introduced in June 2017.  However, the extension of the TRS now means that, subject to limited exceptions, all existing UK trusts and some non-UK trusts, will also be required to… Read More

Setting goals brings financial planning to life

Many financial advice firms will take a product-driven approach, focusing purely on financial strategies and investment plans. However, with this approach you run the risk of simply ending up with a series of products and no clear direction.  In the words of Lawrence J. Peter, “if you don’t know where… Read More

Client Satisfaction Survey – The Results!

We are excited to share with you today the results from our annual client satisfaction survey.  Thank you to all our clients who participated in the survey last month and to all of you who continue to provide us with feedback throughout the year personally or through vouchedfor. We… Read More

Riding out the investment storm

Many of you will have noted with some concern recent political events and since seen this impact on the value of your portfolios. There’s lots to contend with – the war in Ukraine, the continuing impact of COVID, and of course, maybe the most talked about, the issue of soaring… Read More