The Planning Process

Simple steps to your best future

Life is complicated enough. So when it comes to financial planning, we like to keep things as simple as possible. We do that through a tried and tested four-step process that’s easy to understand but rigorous enough to let us help you live your best life.

“Nicola has a clear organised process that embraces the client and their requirements." Tim and Liz

Step 1

This is all about getting to know you. We’ll take time to understand your own unique situation. We’ll need to find out about your finances, but we’re more interested in finding out about your lifestyle – and your hopes and fears for your family. It’s also a chance for you to get to know us. You have to feel comfortable with us for this to work.

Step 2

We’ll get a good idea of what drives and motivates you, then start putting together your Life Roadmap Report, a detailed evaluation of your current circumstances. It’s not just about listing your investments though. This is your plan for the future, your action list of what needs to happen now as well as in 12 months, five, ten and fifteen years. It’s about making sure that you have money in the right places at the right time, at the right levels of risk and as tax efficiently as possible.

Step 3

Now we’ve agreed a plan, we can start implementing it. We’ll recommend the best products to help you on your way and get them set up for you. As we’re completely independent, you can be confident they’re the ones that suit you best, rather than the ones someone else is telling us to offer you. And if you need something more, we’re always happy to introduce you to someone from within our wide network of trusted professional connections.

Step 4

Once everything is in place, you can hopefully start ticking a goal or two off your list. But we won’t just leave it all to happen and disappear. We’ll meet with you regularly to check your plans are on track or find out if there are any big changes on the horizon – or if there have been any small changes regarding taxation, legislation or regulations since we last met. If things aren’t going according to plan, then we’ll just set a new course and carry on working towards your original destination.

Giving advice on investments, retirement and inheritance is a brilliant part of what we do. But for us, it’s working with clients over many years, then seeing them fulfil their ambitions that’s really incredible. That’s what gets us up in the morning.

Steve & Amanda Atkinson

For about the past ten years, every visit to us was another year ticked off towards Steve’s much-anticipated retirement. Together with his wife Amanda, they have been able to revel in their love of travel and indulge in, as Amanda puts it, some very nice holidays. For them, the most important part of their relationship with us is the fact that we really, truly listen.