Combining property assets – Martin and Vanessa

Martin and Vanessa have both been married before. Now married to each other for a number of years, they have been living in Vanessa’s property, whilst Martin retained his property for rental. They came to us to help them in reaching decisions on how to proceed, now that they thought they had reached the decision to sell both their properties, combine assets and finally purchase a property together.

  • Both still working, they wanted to take this opportunity to retire – however, they wondered how they would be able to maintain their busy lifestyles, including lots of hobbies and regular holidays both in the UK and abroad
  • They were concerned that they simply couldn’t create the income they needed for their lifestyle
  • They were also keen to pay off their existing outstanding mortgages
  • Martin had recently received an inheritance from his grandmother and was uncertain what they should do with these monies
  • With Vanessa being a number of years older than Martin, the potential impact of long term care was a concern. They  would hope that she would be able to remain in their own home, but were worried about the financial impact of this expense
  • Inheritance was also a concern for them – although they want to ensure each other’s financial security, if either of them should die, they also had their respective children and grandchildrens’ inheritances to consider

Since building our relationship with Martin and Vanessa, we have helped with the following:

  • Developed a comprehensive cashflow analysis, which has proved to them that they can afford to purchase the house they want, whilst proving their income can sustain the lifestyle they want to continue and maintain
  • They have sold both their existing properties, fully repaying both mortgages, and purchasing a new property together
  • Formed a cohesive investment strategy, in line with attitude to risk and investment objectives that will provide them with the income that they need in future years
  • Encouraged them to review their wills and Lasting Power of Attorney documents to ensure that current wishes can be met, in light of the changes around the house move

The above changes have enabled them to benefit from the following:

  • The security of knowing that they own their house outright
  • Living in a town they love – enjoying the theatre, culture and social scene this has to offer
  • The fact that their affairs are structured to ensure provision for each other both now and in the future, even if their circumstances should change
  • Knowing that they will each be looked after, if the worst should happen, but their own share of assets is ultimately protected for their respective families