Who We Help

Because life never stands still

Most of our clients are professionals with busy lives. They usually come to us for advice when life is about to change in some way. Maybe their children are about to fly the nest, perhaps downsizing is on the cards or retirement is beginning to look like an exciting reality.

We’ll help you plan for all those big changes – no matter how soon or far away they might be – just like we’ve done for many other clients over the years. Then you’ll be able to do all the things you want to do with confidence, knowing there will be money left at the end of your life, and not life left at the end of your money.

Take a look at some of our client stories below to see how we’ve helped others – maybe we can help you too?

Lindsey Marriott

Lindsey and her husband began working with us a little later in life than many of our clients do. She had a worry in the back of her mind that it was “too late” for them to benefit from financial planning, or that they wouldn’t be “wealthy enough” to work with a financial planner. Those fears were very quickly dispelled when we met.

Mark and Alison Chamberlain

We’ve worked with Mark and Alison for many years, through many changes and twists and turns of their lives. They really value the peace of mind that we have been able to bring them, by working closely with their family and the ebbs and flows that life brings.

“Nicola made the process really simple and really took the time to understand us as people." – Duncan and Lindsey

Inheriting money | James and Rachel

James and Rachel approached us when they were about to receive a large inheritance from James’ aunt.

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Inheritance tax | Susan

Widowed approximately ten years ago, Susan’s work has always been an important part of her life – she enjoys it! However, after recent restructuring, she has found that additional responsibilities have been taking her away from the part of the job she really enjoys.

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Retiring now | Mark and Jenny

Mark and Jenny are in their late fifties and approaching retirement. With a redundancy package being offered to Mark, they approached us to help them make some key decisions.

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"I was looking to retire within five years. The development of the resultant financial road map was a key moment, giving me a real focus that I had previously lacked before meeting Nicola." – Gerald

Steve & Amanda Atkinson

For about the past ten years, every visit to us was another year ticked off towards Steve’s much-anticipated retirement. Together with his wife Amanda, they have been able to revel in their love of travel and indulge in, as Amanda puts it, some very nice holidays. For them, the most important part of their relationship with us is the fact that we really, truly listen.

Jo Owen

Once upon a time at another company, Jo worked with the one and only Jane Smith, who founded JSFP back in 1994. When Jane opened the company, Jo knew that she would be in safe hands with her. Fast-forward to 2021, and Jo has now had a total career change. She’s enjoying every moment of her new life illustrating childrens’ books, and thankful for the support we have provided for her ever since day one.

“We're very happy with the advice and service provided. The attention to detail of Nicola and her colleagues have been, and continue to be, excellent." – Peter and Lisa

Planning to retire | Tom and Alison

With only five years until he hoped to retire, Tom and his wife Alison approached us, seeking our help on how to balance the following requirements.

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Divorce and moving on | Caroline

Caroline came to us as a new client when her divorce was about to be finalised. She had given up work to be a ‘stay at home mum’ on the birth of her first child some fifteen years ago. This, coupled with the fact that she had not had much involvement with the family finances, left her feeling in a very vulnerable position. But she was keen to take control and gain back some independence. She also had some very clear objectives.

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Combining property assets - Martin and Vanessa

Martin and Vanessa have both been married before. Now married to each other for a number of years, they have been living in Vanessa’s property, whilst Martin retained his property for rental. They came to us to help them in reaching decisions on how to proceed, now that they thought they had reached the decision to sell both their properties, combine assets and finally purchase a property together.

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