Totally transparent in everything we do

At Jane Smith Financial Planning, being open and honest is our top priority. And we believe that should go for the way we get paid too. The fees we charge will depend on the amount of financial advice you need. But we know you’ll want to have an idea of costs before you speak to us – so this is how it all works.

“We’re very happy with the advice and service provided. The attention to detail of Nicola and her colleagues has been, and continues to be, excellent.”

Peter and Lisa

Fees that are fair and simple

To make life easy, we break down our fees into four clearly defined areas.

1. Our initial meeting

Following an initial discussion to check that we’re the right fit for each other, we’ll set up our first meeting. This is an opportunity to get to know each other properly and will always be absolutely FREE.

2. Life Roadmap Report

After our initial meeting, we’ll sit down together again. This time we’ll find out more about your accumulated wealth, income, financial assets and what you’d like to do in the future. From this, we’ll put together your own personal Life Roadmap Report showing what you need to do to get where you want to be. For this, fees start at around £2,500 – although it could be more if your financial picture is particularly complex.

If you already have existing plans, we’ll also have to charge a little extra to look at what they are and how they fit with your objectives.

  • Investment plans | £350.00 each
  • Pension plans | £450.00 each
  • Protection plans | £250.00 each

3. Implementation

If you decide to carry on working with us, we’ll use a fixed fee basis to deliver all the services detailed in your Life Roadmap Report. Each fee is based on the amount of time we will need to spend and our standard hourly rate. Here’s an example of typical fees – but we’ll always confirm the exact fee before we go ahead.

Investment | £753.00
ISA transfer | £878.00
Pension investment | £753.00
• Pension transfer* | (non-defined benefit) £1310.00
• Protection plan | £745.00

*While we’re not regulated to provide advice on DB pensions or handle DB transfers, we will still include this as part of our planning process.

4. On Track Review

This is the ongoing service that we provide to make sure your financial plan stays relevant to your needs. Depending on how complex your affairs are, fees for this are based on two different service levels and calculated based on the assets that we manage, at a rate of 0.85%.

Service level 1 | a minimum fee of £5,000 per annum applies

Service level 2 | a minimum fee of £3,000 per annum applies


  • Your investments are valued at £500,000 and you receive Service Level 1. At 0.85% the ongoing management fee would be £4,250.00. You would be charged an additional £750.00 to bring the total fee payable to our minimum annual amount of £5,000.
  • Your investments are valued at £400,000 and you receive Service Level 2. At 0.85% the ongoing management fee would be £3,400.00. As this exceeds the minimum fee for this level, no further charges will be added.

Full details of our service levels and fees are included within our standard client agreement.