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Building trust and investing for the long term

In times like this, firms like ours do one of two things. We can say nothing and hope for the best. Or we can communicate with our clients, give them the latest information and reassure them, whatever happens, we’re still here to answer questions. We have decided on the second course of action and we hope you have appreciated our proactive approach.

However, it’s not just about how we’ve been communicating with you over the past few weeks. It’s also about the long-standing relationships that we have; relationships built on trust, knowing and understanding you, your goals, your objectives, your fears and aspirations. We work hard to make sure that you really understand why you’re making the decisions you’re making. You may not understand the technical detail; after all, that’s why you come to us and continue to use our services. However, what you can be sure of, is that the advice you receive, and the level of risk that you are invested at, is absolutely aligned to your very personal goals.

By investing long term, you are investing without needing to know, or worry about, what is going to happen tomorrow. However, this does rely on you being clear about how long your money is invested for, and that means having a clear idea on your objectives. Creating a financial plan; clear goals and an action plan to meet those goals, means that you may at times be concerned about what’s going on in investment markets, but you are not reacting. You know the importance of investing for the long term and ignoring the “noise” going on all around you.

We know it’s difficult when all you’re hearing is bad news, but it’s important not to react. If you see the value of your portfolio drop, you may feel the urge to flee the market and instead invest in lower risk investments. However, by selling you have to get the decision right twice – when to sell and then when to reinvest!

If you are concerned, we are just at the end of the phone, please don’t worry alone.