Creating a legacy

Legacy is all about making a lasting impact and leaving something behind for others to build upon. Not everyone can be in the position to financially support future generations, but for those who are, it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.

With our help, we can ensure more of your wealth ends up in the right hands and that it is protected from Inheritance Tax. The best part? You can sit back and know that your family will be taken care of when you are no longer here.

How we help

Give you options

Before we do anything, we’ll understand your goals and how you’d like to leave behind a legacy. From there, we’ll explore the options available.

This might involve keeping some behind for any unforeseen circumstances or gifting money to loved ones. We’ll help you to understand what you can afford.

Inheritance Tax planning

Without a proper plan, your family could be faced with a large tax bill when you pass away. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

We know the right strategies to implement to ensure your hard-earned assets are placed in the right hands.

Wills and trusts

Another important aspect of estate planning is to ensure your will is always up to date, as at the very least, it will make sure that your estate is distributed in line with your wishes.

We may also consider setting up a trust for members of your family, as, in the right circumstances, they can offer effective planning.

Long-term advice

Even when you’re gone, we’ll continue to provide our support to your family. We won’t leave them in the dark, not knowing what to do with their inheritance.

We will always have your back and will act with compassion. Your family can come to us, should they wish to continue the journey as clients in their own right.

How it works


Getting to
know you

It’s important that we understand your lifestyle as well as your hopes, concerns and aspirations before we give you any advice. Likewise, it’s equally important that you get to know us.


Your Life

The Life Roadmap Service includes a detailed evaluation of your financial circumstances and looks at more than just the value of your investments and holdings. It’s a clear action plan of the steps that need to be taken to achieve your goals.


Implementing your plan

This is where we put our recommendations into practice. We recommend and implement the most suitable products to meet your needs, identified through our planning process.


On track

Meeting regularly, we’ll continue to review your plan to ensure it stays on track and relevant to your changing objectives, as well as any changes in the financial and economic environment.

We’re a VouchedFor Top Rated Firm

Jane Smith Financial Planning Limited profile

We have been included in the VouchedFor Top Rated 2024 Guide, distributed by The Times.

VouchedFor’s Top Rated Guide aims to identify and celebrate the UK’s best financial advice firms based on client feedback. We are delighted to have been included.

Even better, we are Buckinghamshire’s only Top Rated, Chartered and Accredited Firm.