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Charity event

Every year we complete an event to raise money for charity and this year is no different. In our November newsletter we asked you for nominations of which charity you would like to see us fundraise for. We’re happy to announce (drumroll please!) the charity chosen is The British Heart Foundation (BHF). We will be in touch in the next couple of weeks with full details of what we are doing and how you can donate.

BHF was nominated by a client who has experience of the great work they do. In 2013 he was, somewhat fortunately, attending hospital for an angiogram when he went into cardiac arrest. He was judged to be suitable for a defibrillator and was rushed into intensive care where he had the defibrillator fitted. Without the work that BHF do in researching treatment of heart diseases, the alternative doesn’t warrant thinking about. For the last five years, he has volunteered for BHF to give back what he can and in his words, “this is a charity which is very dear to my heart” (he knows we all groaned at this!)

As well as being nominated by a client, BHF is also a cause close to Nicola’s heart (excuse the pun again!), with her father having been diagnosed with heart failure in 2017.  Nicola says “Dad was very, very unwell and things were really not looking very hopeful at all – what life he had was pretty miserable and he had little or no energy to complete even the most basic of day-to-day things.  But, thanks to Dr Simon Fynn and his team at Papworth Hospital and a procedure with too long a name to repeat, he is a very different person today, leading a life that is almost unrecognisable.  We’ve got our Dad back and he has a life to look forward to. It’s thanks to continuing research by organisations like the British Heart Foundation that people like my Dad get a second chance, so I and the rest of the team at Jane Smith Financial Planning are very happy to be supporting them.”