General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Update

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which comes into practice on 25th May 2018, will change how personal data can be used and will overhaul how we:

  • Obtain your consent to hold your data and maintain its accuracy
  • Process and handle your data
  • Can be fined for data breaches or not having consent

In addition, you will:

  • Feel confident that your data is accurate and is being managed securely and safely
  • Have easier access to data that companies hold about you
  • Be able to protect yourself and have greater rights to your data

Replacing the Data Protection Act 1988 and the previous 1996 data protection directive, which current UK law is based on, GDPR is designed to “harmonise” data privacy laws across Europe. Its provisions in the UK will be covered by a new Data Protection Bill, which has been announced by the government.

How this affects you?

You are receiving this newsletter from us meaning that we hold your contact details. In the coming months, we will be contacting you to check that we have your consent to contact you with this and other communications. We will need to keep a record of your “positive opt-in” so we will need a response from you to our request.

Under GDPR Pre-ticked opt-in boxes, inactivity or silence are no longer indications of valid consent. If we do not receive your written or verbal consent by 25th May, we will not be able to continue to communicate with you. Please note that you have a right to withdraw consent at any time. However, we hope that you will still want to receive our monthly newsletter.

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