Planning a route for financial success

As financial planning experts, we believe that we can only give great advice and help a client to plan their financial future, once we understand their lifestyle aspirations as well as their hopes, fears and goals for both themselves and their family.

This is why we work with clients in helping them to create a Life Roadmap. Essentially it’s a clever way of aligning a client’s life goals with their financial goals, so that instead of just selling financial products, we can help clients to achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

No one would start a journey without planning their route, so we would never tell your clients what they needed without first understanding what it is they want to achieve. That’s why all of our clients get a Life Roadmap Service as part of our overall comprehensive financial planning package.

What is a Life Roadmap?

A Life Roadmap gives a detailed evaluation of a client’s current financial circumstances and goes beyond just the value of their investments and other assets and income and expenditure. It also considers what really matters to them, and how they would like their life to look five, ten and more years from now. The process also looks at ways to tackle any tricky financial issues they may have been wrestling with.

From this we produce a client’s personal Life Roadmap Report, which takes into account all of their accumulated wealth, income and financial projections based on their aspirations for the future. Essentially it gives clients a clear action plan of the direction they need to go in in order to achieve their goals.

Current Cash Flow Position

Recommended Cash Flow Position

For more information about our Life Roadmap and how it adds value to our client relationships, please give us a call.

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