Reassurance on investments

We’ve spoken with a few of our clients recently who, after a prolonged period of really rather good returns, have noticed either a lack of growth on their investment or even, more worryingly for them, a drop in their investment. The most important thing we can say is please don’t panic. It’s important to remember that the investment will go up and down with the markets and you have to look at overall performance and values over the long term and not just the latest figures.

In 2017 market performance was significantly better than what we have seen this year, and just the last quarter showed a big drop in performance. Whilst looking at day to day figures, the drops can cause concern, you must also consider the figures from the point of investment. These can often tell a very different story and show one of gradual and continual growth, albeit not as significant at some points as others.

Every year we ask you to complete a Financial Personality Assessment which combines psychology with financial theory. We know this can seem repetitive to be asked to recomplete every year, but this isn’t just about ticking a box, it’s ensuring your money is invested in a way that is best for you, your attitude to risk and how you feel and react in certain, maybe volatile, markets.

Rest assured that we do see the rises and falls of the markets and if we felt you needed to be taking any action, we would be contacting you.

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