What we find rewarding about working at JSFP

At the heart of everything we do at Jane Smith Financial Planning is a strong set of family values. We take great pride in working for the best possible outcomes for our clients, and making a real difference to their financial security in the future.

But that’s us as a whole; this week we each reflected on what we individually find the most rewarding about working at JSFP.


Amy N

I think the most rewarding thing is being able to give people peace of mind. We can see what people will achieve from working with us but speaking with clients after we’ve put things in place, hearing what they have got out of the process, it’s the best job satisfaction there is.



How everything we do centres around what is best for our clients, and just how well we do our jobs, especially when compared to other companies!


Amy M

I love that we provide a holistic financial planning service to our clients and by focussing on their financial future, we can help them with a plan to meet their goals in life. Also, the team that I work with are all lovely!



Seeing client outcomes. Ultimately, my role is about ensuring clients are financially secure. Yes, there’s a monetary element to that, but it’s also about them feeling safe and confident in their decision making.



The client feedback is really good and we get a lot of comments about how professional and hardworking the team is.

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