Why cash flow modelling is at the heart of our financial planning

The Jane Smith Financial Planning process ensures we take the time to get to know our clients. Only by understanding their objectives for themselves, their family and the wider community can we ensure that the financial planning they receive is structured efficiently to achieve their goals. A key part of this process is cash flow planning. This is a visual representation that clearly shows the impact of clients’ financial decisions and goal setting. It allows us to prioritise what’s really important to them.

Our process begins with an initial meeting to understand what our clients are looking to achieve. At this meeting we to thoroughly explain our financial planning process.

The next step is a detailed fact-finding meeting. This is where we fully establish the client’s current financial position and what their future objectives are.

We use this information to build a cash flow, which accurately models their current position and future plans, and brings things to life! For example, we paint a picture allowing them to visualise what will their retirement look like? Could they run out of money? Or do they have the ability to spend more, retire earlier or help their family? How could they minimise their tax liabilities?

Cash flow planning becomes one of the key elements in the client’s overall plan, which we call the ‘Life Roadmap Report’. This plan sets out the client’s objectives, current position and the actions they need to take both now and in the future to achieve their goals. Without cash flow modelling we wouldn’t be able to achieve this.

For a more technical insight into cash flow planning, please click here.

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