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BS8577 Certification

We have to admit, we are feeling a little bit pleased with ourselves about this!

You may have already seen on social media, at the end of October we were officially awarded BS8577 Certification. You’d be forgiven for assuming it’s just another qualification. But, it is not. This is a British Standard Certification, one of the highest accolades in financial services! This achievement was the culmination of 18 months of hard work from the whole team, which ended in a two day audit. this assessed everything from our policies, to our compliance and to the client relationship management, ensuring commitment to some of the highest quality standards in the world. In fact, our auditor made the following comment:

“The business has clearly worked hard to implement best practice, embedding systems and procedures that have engendered a pro-active culture that’s now supporting both the internal team and external clients to be the best version of themselves.”

To give a little perspective, based on figures from regulatory returns, there are 5,270 Financial Advisory Firms in the UK. Of these, only 31 firms have achieved BS8577 Certification to date – which includes us. So hopefully you can understand why this is an achievement that we are hugely proud of and that we’re sure will continue to benefit not just ourselves and the business, but most importantly you as our valued clients and the service you receive.