Day in the life of Hannah

Hannah is our Technical Assistant and her ‘Day in the life of’ certainly looks different now!

Pre lockdown

My alarm usually goes off around 6:40am, but I have at least ten minutes snooze before jumping in the shower. I then usually jump back into bed for five minutes to warm up and then it’s time to get dressed, rummage in the cupboards and freezer for something for lunch before jumping in the car to drive to work.

Whilst driving to work I have a mini concert, and sing non-stop for the full 20 minute journey. I am usually the first person in the office, so when I get in I will open the blinds, put a glass of water on everybody’s desk and put my work cardigan on from the cupboard, as I am always cold and need at least one extra layer to keep me warm.

My first task of the day is checking my emails to see if anything has come in overnight and then make a to do list of what needs doing for the day, in order of importance or urgency. This will usually be processing any new business that came in the day before, followed by completing preparation for client meetings, then sending meeting confirmations out, and helping Clare with any plans that need doing if I have capacity. I also slot in any miscellaneous or ad-hoc jobs throughout the day such as chasing providers for outstanding items, or checking the progress of new business for example.

When I leave the office, my concert for one resumes and I sing the whole way home. Dinner is usually waiting for me courtesy of either my mum or one of my nan’s as I go to both of their houses once a week for dinner. After that I try and do some revision for my exam and then usually have a bath and watch some television before going to bed. Me and my boyfriend Dave are in the process of buying our first house, so if all goes well, my current lifestyle of having almost everything done for me is about to change, and I think it is going to be quite a shock to the system!

During lockdown

Well the biggest change for me has been that we completed and moved into our new house on the day they announced you should consider pausing any house purchase!

My alarm now goes off at 7:30am which means I can just jump in the shower, get dressed and go downstairs to start the day. The only downside to this is my mini concerts have been put on hold for a little while!

Moving into a new house has made work tricky during lockdown though as we didn’t have wifi for the first three weeks. This meant my days were spent in my inlaws shed that had electricity and wifi, as it’s used as the boys gaming room. I can’t say I’m missing it now we’ve got wifi at home!

In terms of the work to do, this hasn’t really changed with lockdown, it’s more the processes that have had to change to be able to continue completing the same tasks. We have our daily morning Zoom call which helps to catch up with everyone and check where everyone is at work wise. We’ve been quite lucky that we were already set up so that the ability to work from home was there for emergency purposes. So when this became a requirement for the whole team, whilst it wasn’t without the odd teething problem, it was actually pretty seamless.

When I switch off for the day, I’ve been pottering around checking up on Dave’s attempts at DIY and giving my (well experienced, obviously) opinion, making dinner, and we’ve also been out for bike rides most evenings to make use of our daily exercise allowance – social distancing rules being observed of course. This has been the biggest change really as we’ve both moved out of home and where we were expecting to pop round to see our families and our nans throughout the week, we’re now staying at home on our own.

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