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Expertise and empathy in equal measure

We think we know why clients come to us and then stay. But just to be sure, we always make a point of asking them. We’re pleased to say it’s not only our knowledge and expertise that they value, or the peace of mind they get from what we do. It’s also the way we take time to understand their own situation – in fact, the empathy we show to clients is the thing that they say means the most.

Our practical approach to financial planning will allow you to do the things you might have been thinking about for years – but never been brave enough to do! Through careful modelling, we can show you how and when you can afford to make your next move. Maybe that’s retire, buy a new home or take off around the world on an exciting adventure. What we do isn’t complicated, but it does take knowledge and years of professional experience to get it right.

"I was looking to retire within five years. The development of the resultant financial road map was a key moment, giving me a real focus that I had previously lacked before meeting Nicola." – Gerald

How it works

Financial planning sounds complicated, but we like to keep it as simple as possible. So, we strip everything back to a tried and tested four-step process. Step one – we get to know you, discovering the things that are important to you. In step two we get to work, planning your own unique financial journey. Step three is all about us implementing our recommendations, and step four is an ongoing process of review to make sure you’re always heading in the right direction.

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“Nicola made the process really simple and really took the time to understand us as people." – Duncan and Lindsey

Investment Planning

Investment planning is a bit of a balancing act. Your investments should help you reach your long-term goals – but we still have to make sure there’s enough money to do all the things you want to do in the short-term. At Jane Smith, we’ll try to get you the best of both worlds.

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Retirement planning

Retirement means different things to different people. Maybe you’re looking forward to giving up work or working less. Perhaps you want to start a new business, or maybe you’re planning an exciting adventure. Whatever you want to do, we’re here to help make it all possible.

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Inheritance planning

It’s easy to put off inheritance planning, but it’s worth looking at it sooner rather than later. When you consider the threshold for inheritance tax is currently only £325,000, your estate could be hit by a whopping 40% tax should anything happen to you. With careful planning, that’s money that could benefit your loved ones, rather than the taxman!

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"A welcoming atmosphere along with professional expertise makes for a relaxed and informative meeting." – Holly