Listening to what our clients have to say – the results of our client survey

We believe that the only opinion that matters is that of our clients. In our efforts to continually improve the services we offer, our clients’ feedback helps us to identify which areas we’re doing well in, but also where we might be able to improve. Although we have always asked our clients to critique our services on an ad-hoc basis, this year saw our first annual survey. We’re absolutely delighted with the results and are proud to share them.

We asked our clients to rank how much they agree with eight key statements. You’ll find the results below, together with just a few of the comments received. Reading these comments together as a team really made for quite an uplifting Monday morning meeting!

Overall, I am extremely happy with the services provided by Jane Smith Financial Planning.  

98% of clients either ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘somewhat agreed’ with this statement, confirming that they are not just happy, but extremely happy to be working with us. We always aim to exceed expectations, delivering financial planning services in a friendly, yet professional way, very much aligned with the individual needs of each and every one of our clients.

“[My mother} had years of good advice from Jane Smith Financial Planning. So, when we found ourselves with a large amount of money and needed advice we came straight to you and we have not been disappointed. We have achieved everything we wanted and more. The team are friendly, helpful, and nothing is too much for them.”

 I feel the services provided to me by Jane Smith Financial Planning represent good value for money

It’s hugely important to us that our clients are not only happy with the service that they receive, but that they see a value in that service. 94.7% of clients confirmed that they either ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘somewhat agreed’ with this statement.  The balance neither agreed nor disagreed, with no clients feeling that they were not getting good value for money.

“JSFP has helped me achieve objectives I never knew I had – or more accurately never thought that I could achieve – by considering my “whole life” finances and by providing me with financial stability and flexibility to make ‘life choices’ as the opportunity arose. The advice and service given are always considered personal and inspire confidence.”

 How would you rate the quality of the documentation and literature (brochures, emails, reports, forms, etc) received from Jane Smith Financial Planning?

We know that as an industry, with all the compliance requirements that there are, we’re not known for producing simple and easy-to-read documentation. So we’re actually very pleased to have been rated as highly as we have been in this area. 96.5% confirmed they thought documentation was either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

“My only regret is that I hadn’t heard of JSFP earlier. I feel that their support and guidance has been invaluable and given me a much better outcome financially as I head towards retirement. I particularly value their no-nonsense and friendly approach.”

 I value the technical ability and knowledge of my financial planner. It’s important that I work with a Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner. 

Our clients recognise the importance of working with a well-qualified financial planner, with 100% stating that they either ‘strongly agree’ or ‘somewhat agree’ with this statement. We know the clients we work best with. We know and understand their needs, and we are experts in these areas.

 “I think your services are well thought out and executed with the customer coming first. You have certainly achieved my objectives and keep me on track. If I phone for advice there is always someone who can help me in a friendly way and offer a solution. It is always done very professionally. The knowledge and friendliness of my financial planner is exemplary.” 

How do you rate the communication skills and professionalism of your financial planner? 

We place huge importance on qualifications and technical knowledge.  However, this is nothing without good communication skills. Being able to relay this in “plain English” means that we are well skilled in explaining even the most technical information, making sure to give our clients the time to understand our recommendations. Over 80% of our clients rated Nicola as ‘excellent’ in this area.

 “We appreciate the down-to-earth approach – making sure the language and jargon is clearly understood. There is never a question of nagging, but you are always there when we have a question, with super quick response.”

How do you rate the quality of the client support and service you have received from the team at Jane Smith Financial Planning? 

Financial planning is as much about ongoing support as it is about financial advice. That’s why it’s so important that we have an excellent team in place to support our financial planner and our clients. Our clients recognised this team effort, with 96% of them rating the quality of support and service as either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’. We’re proud to say that, despite all the challenges of the last year, our team has remained fully committed to continuing to provide the highest levels of service.

 “Your service is excellent as is your care towards me as your client. Personally, I really value the team and am very appreciative of their help and support along my financial pathway.”

 How do you assess the effectiveness of the services you have received from Jane Smith Financial Planning in achieving your goals?

Financial planning is all about working with our clients to visualise their future lifestyle, then creating and implementing a plan to realise those goals. 93% of our clients rated us as either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ at helping them to achieve their goals. This demonstrates the impact of real financial planning ­­– we really make a difference to our clients lives.

 “Over the years, Nicola has taken the time to understand our needs, aims and objectives. She has provided sound advice on investments that enable us to live as we wish and to plan for a secure future. We have a high degree of confidence in the advice provided.” 

 How likely are you to recommend Jane Smith Financial Planning to your friends, family or colleagues? 

We’re absolutely delighted that our clients all feel confident in recommending us to others – 100% either already do, or are very likely to.  We’re always open to speaking with prospective new clients and if we’re not best placed to help, then we will be happy to point them in the right direction.

 The fact that we continue to look to yourselves with our finances even though are now 250 miles distant shows our deep appreciation of the staff and the service.”

 Our objective is to improve these results year-on-year. As you can see from the results this year that’s going to be a tough challenge to go one better, but one that we’re all up for! And, once again, a huge thank you to all the participants who responded with their valuable feedback.

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