Mental Health Awareness Week – be kind to others and yourself

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. We’ve covered elements of well-being over the past few weeks and when the world is upside down, I think now more than ever is the time to focus on our well-being.

It’s strange times. For many, they’re enjoying a slower pace of life. However, for others, times are tough. Some will be struggling. Maybe they’re missing the structure of normal life or seeing friends and family? Maybe they’re anxious about what the future holds? Or perhaps they’re struggling with juggling work and home schooling?

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is kindness. If you see or hear of someone struggling, a small act of kindness could really make their day. Send that message out of the blue, send a card, or pop a cake on the doorstep. These random acts help to build a feeling of community, support and hope, but let’s not forget those little acts of kindness can make you feel good too.

Within the team, we’ve had some lovely examples of this. Those following us on social media may have already seen the updates, but for those that haven’t here’s a couple. I’ve sent surprise cards and treats to the team, including chocolate and mindfulness colouring books and pencils. In return, they treated the family and I to a lovely afternoon tea, delivered to our home – dinner was cancelled that night!

I’m very grateful to be able to have continued with online bootcamp, fitness and yoga sessions three or four times a week, together with regular walks. Poppy is certainly keeping fit and I find that keeping active really boosts my mental health, but I also value and appreciate reflective, quiet time.  With that in mind, I treated the team to a mindfulness session earlier this week. We each took different things from the session, but for me the biggest takeaway was to let go of the things that you have no control over. Don’t waste your time or energy on these things, but instead focus your attention on what is in your control and you can change.

There’s loads of information and tips on the Mental Health Foundation website. It’s a great resource.

Most importantly, remember the theme of the week – kindness.  Be kind to others and remember, be kind to yourself!

Stay safe and stay well, from Nicola and all the team at Jane Smith Financial Planning

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