Overview of the main tools we use for the financial planning process

As financial planning experts, we have embraced the use of the latest software packages and tools so that we can help our clients to feel more confident and secure. By helping our clients to understand their attitude to risk and modelling different cashflow scenarios, they can see the importance of planning their futures and have the ability to make the right choices in achieving their perfect work/lifestyle balance.

We use two main tools:

  1. Wealth Explorer
  2. Prestwood/Truth

Wealth Explorer

Explorer™ is a software package that enables us to analyse a client’s financial personality. Essentially we can find out a client’s willingness and ability to take risks. It helps our clients to visualise the dynamic nature of the trade-offs in making investment choices. In addition, it also shows the client likely levels of return (average), which can then be used in cashflow modelling and timescales. This means that we can ensure that the risk level of any chosen portfolio is clearly aligned to the requirements of their cashflow.



Prestwood/Truth software enables us to offer our clients a personalised picture of what they must do in order to achieve their goals using life-long cashflow modelling. By helping clients to visualise, understand and believe the impact of their decision-making, we are able to model realistic ‘what if’ scenarios that demonstrate a range of outcomes. This enables us to address a clients’ major concerns, including:

  • What they must do to achieve their financial objectives
  • How to avoid running out of money
  • How to plan the transfer of capital to other family members or charities
  • How long they will be able to support their lifestyle in retirement
  • How seemingly minor changes can dramatically change their financial future






For more information about either of these tools and how they add value to our client relationships, please give us a call or visit Prestwood for more information about cashflow modelling.

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