What matters most to our clients?  A personalised financial plan

As those of you who have been following this series will know, empathy, peace of mind, consistency and continuity are at the top of the list of things that clients value about working with the team at Jane Smith Financial Planning. In this instalment of our series about what matters most to our clients, we investigate the next item on the list: why a personalised financial plan is so important.


The full picture

It’s important that you don’t just look at one part of your financial planning in isolation. Comprehensive financial planning considers all elements of your financial affairs, carefully ensuring that each part of the jigsaw fits comfortably together. Without this “joined-up” approach, what might appear to be excellent decisions in one area may inadvertently create problems in another.

We believe that a personalised financial plan is only possible by really getting to know our clients, knowing and understanding their fears, aspirations, concerns, and goals. These are very personal to each and every client – no one client either looks the same or has the same objectives.  So, the very first step in our process is to find out more about our clients: What do they want for themselves? What will retirement look like? What do they want for their families?  What would they want to be remembered for? What would their legacy be?

This information enables us to understand how much money is going to be required and when.  Only then can we assess the suitability of the plans they already have in place, what level of risk they might need to be invested at, and what future actions are needed. Developing the Life Roadmap Report is a critical part of our work with all of our clients. This document sets out a clear set of actions for them and for us. What needs to happen to make sure their goals are achieved?


Rolling with the changes

The plan is important, but it is just as important to make sure that it is continually reviewed. If there’s one thing for certain, it is that things will change.  Clients’ objectives change; taxation changes; regulation and law changes. To ensure that you keep up with these changes, your annual review and planning meeting forms an integral part of our ongoing services. This time together is an opportunity for you to update us on any changes at your end and for us to inform you of technical changes that might impact your plan. Together we will update your plan and create a further set of actions. This ongoing review and planning process ensures that you remain “on track” at all times.

We believe that a personalised financial plan provides:

  • Clarity – a clear understanding of where you are going, what you have, and what part it plays in your financial planning
  • Security – Security knowing that you have your affairs lined up in the best way possible to meet your objectives
  • Freedom – Freedom to live your best life

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