What’s been going on at Jane Smith Financial Planning?

Nothing ever stands still long for the team here. There’s plenty to update you on following several busy weeks.

Videos coming

It’s a well-known fact that prospective clients like to hear what current clients have to say about working with a company. It can help them make a decision about whether it is a company that will suit them. So, some 18 months ago we set out a plan to shoot video testimonials. These are videos of some of our existing clients talking about their experiences and explaining the benefits of working with the team here at Jane Smith Financial Planning. The plan for the day was drawn up, the videographer organised, the clients were prepared, and then… COVID hit.  Our plans had to be put on hold. And again. And again. But, finally, in early June it all came together. Even the weather fairies were on our side, and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. Thank you to the clients who were involved – we shall look forward to sharing the results with you very shortly.

Team Day

As you know, every six months we take the opportunity to shut the office, turn off the phones and the emails, and get together as a team. This time away gives us a chance to review what’s working, discuss what’s not, and to set our objectives going forward. Last June, with lockdown rules only just relaxing, we “camped out” in Nicola’s garden. This year we took over the first floor of our offices and, having all worked from home throughout this period, took great delight in being able to get together for the first time since Christmas! It was an extremely constructive day, and we hope that you’ll start to see the effects of our discussions. Some will be in the short term, with others being longer term projects.

Hurrah – exam success!

We’re delighted to share that we have news of exam success. Hannah received confirmation that she has passed the J09 Paraplanning qualification.  Just one more exam (which she’s very nearly there with) and she will have achieved the Certificate in Paraplanning. Keep up the hard work Hannah! But, you know it won’t stop there – Diploma next, then Chartered?


Last, but not least, as a thank you to those of you who completed our client survey, last week we sent out some delicious brownies. We hope you have received and enjoyed the brownies by now –  I was rather disappointed that I had to share mine with the girls (the teenage versions not the doggy versions). We’ve received lots of thank you messages, but we thought you might enjoy this particularly special one – a poem, written by one of our clients:


Thank you for the brownies

They really made me smile

I opened them when I got home,

I’d been away a while.


The scrumptious toppings looked that good

I could have scoffed all four

Instead I ate a single one

Though really wanted more


We finished off the rest last night

With football on the telly,

(I’ve put a baggy jumper on

So you can’t see my belly)


Please know they are my favourite

Much more than cake or pie

So feel quite free to send some more

It’s wine time now, goodbye!

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