What’s been happening? – May 2019

The most important thing that happened in April was obviously Poppy’s birthday, it’s not every day you turn 6! We shared pictures of her showing off her new collar on social media but in case you missed it or aren’t following us (yet?!) here they are again.


We’re once again sponsoring the Harrold Pit Run Bake Off, taking place on 15th June. For full details, please click here

Nicola has been networking a lot over the last couple of months. It’s so easy to focus all your energy and attention on day-to-day work, that networking can often be the first thing to be pushed back and reprioritised, but it really is so important. Not only does it bring benefit to our business but also to you, our valued clients as we find experts in different fields that should you need it, we can refer you to. We don’t like to suggest that you should seek advice on something and then just leave you to source your own expert. We’d much prefer to point you in the right direction, and networking is vital to this.

We’ve had big change in the office as well – we had a rejig at the end of March and we’re all getting used to having a neighbour rather than looking across at each other. The main reason for the change was to make space for our two new starters, who both joined in April. Our new Technical Assistant, Emma Brown and our new Business Assistant Jo Lambert. They’ve hit the ground running and already fit right in with the team. As we now have two Emma’s in the office, they will now be known as Emma K (Business Manager) and Emma B (Technical Assistant, or a throwback to the Spice Girls, you decide!)


Growing the team was a big decision that was not taken lightly. It changes how the business moves forward and you will start to see this on a day-to-day basis from now on. Previously, you will have had your annual review meetings with Nicola and rest assured this is not changing. However, going forward, Clare or Emma B (both highly qualified in their own right) will also be part of these meetings. This will help in many ways behind the scenes, not least in speeding up the process of sending the outcomes of your meeting and any next steps to be taken. It will also mean that Clare and Emma B will develop a more in-depth knowledge of your situation and be able to answer some of the questions you may have between meetings, rather than being solely reliant on Nicola. If you have any questions or concerns about our new approach, please do get in touch.

In our March newsletter, we introduced the ‘Spotlight on’ article and normally we would be covering just one member of the team. However, with Clare and Emma B starting to join the review meetings, we thought it best to cover them both in this newsletter. It hopefully gives you a little more insight into who we are and why we do it.  Of course, you can see the whole team on our Meet The Team page here.

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