New Year – time for a more financially savvy you?

According to a recent poll reported on in The Independent, the average adult will shell out £4,600 on financial New Year’s resolutions such as conquering their debts or moving house. But 46% have already adopted a defeatist stance and admit they’re unlikely to achieve their aims because of a lack of money and/or poor planning.

Planning helps increase your chances of success

So at the start of another year, we urge you to think about making some solid financial resolutions, so you can meet your needs and achieve your goals, both in the short and long term. If you plan ahead and create a budget for your resolutions, you can significantly increase the chances of achieving your goals.

Be flexible and respond to change

Whether you want to increase your retirement savings, pay off your mortgage, set aside enough money for your children’s education, spoil your grandchildren or indulge in the holiday of a lifetime this year, financial planning is key. It gives a timely and clear structure as to why you are saving and investing. This helps you to ensure your finances are in the best shape to help you achieve your goals. By continuing to monitor, evaluate and tweak your plan on a regular basis, you can have peace of mind knowing that it remains flexible enough to respond to changes. This could be in the financial and economic environment, as well as the changing needs of you and your family over time.

Manage your relationship with money

Financial planning is not a one-time event or just about products – it’s a dynamic, ongoing journey.  It’s about managing your ongoing relationship with your finances.  When you use a financial planner, you have expert company on your journey and are able to benefit from the expertise and understanding of a financial professional who will help you to make the right decisions for you and your family enabling you to:

  • Have greater confidence of where you are going in life
  • Reduce your stress levels and gain control over your financial future
  • Enjoy life more by meeting your goals

To make 2018 a prosperous and secure year for you and your family, we look forward to catching up with you soon to talk through your current plans, so that perhaps there can be one New Year resolution that you don’t break!

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